US Med Rights and Responsibilities

Consumer Rights:


    1. The right to receive information about the pharmacy
    2. The right to decline participation, revoke consent, or disenroll at any point in time
    3. The right to know that because you have a pharmacy benefit from your insurer, you have the right to access prescription services, regardless of sex, age, sexual orientation or preference, ethnicity, national origin, religion, veteran status, lifestyle, genetic information, or disability
    4. The right to participate in decisions regarding your care
    5. The right to receive information in a manner in which you can understand
    6. The right to be informed of any responsibilities you may have in the care process
    7. The right to have care provided by qualified personnel who are knowledgeable
    8. The right to expect that US MED®, LLC will protect the confidentiality of your medical record and will release information only as it is  compliant with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996)
    9. The right to know US MED®, LLC's contact information (i.e., telephone number, address, email address) for easy access to staff
    10. The right to know the name of the employee with whom you are talking to and their job title
    11. The right to speak with management
    12. The right to let US MED®, LLC know of any issue/concern you may have regarding services
    13. The right to expect that US MED®, LLC will process your prescriptions without undue delay and contact you in the event of any drug recall


Consumer Responsibilities:


    1. The responsibility to send any forms requested forms to process prescriptions or any other forms that may be required by law
    2. The responsibility to fulfill the financial obligations of your health insurance benefit plan so that any co-pays required for your medication  are paid on time
    3. The responsibility to keep us informed of your current telephone number and address so we may deliver your medication to the correct   address or reach you by phone when necessary
    4. The responsibility to become knowledgeable about your medications by reading the information we send you each time we deliver the drug
    5. The responsibility to keep us and your physician's office informed of any changes in your health condition or if you experience reactions   from the medication
    6. The responsibilities including out-of-pocket costs such as deductibles, co-pays, and co-insurance