Compliance Code of Conduct


US MED® strategies include specific goals and commitments on several levels.

Maintaining our patient base; providing superior customer service and products.

Establishing standards and values that are transferred into employee action working as a team in achieving excellence resulting in a harmonious environment where disputes are minimized through effective communication.

Adopting and adhering to policies ensuring that federal, state, and local government regulations and requirements are met; including patient privacy files and other required documentation.

Managing and working collaboratively by regularly scheduled company-wide meetings, effective employee training where corporate goals and core values are easily understood in order to help each other achieve the Company mission.


The policy of US MED® is to report suspected abuse, neglect, exploitation or death due to maltreatment of any patient receiving our services. Any abuse to a client must be reported within 5 business days to the Compliance Officer, this also includes any suspected abuse to the client. All Company personnel will receive ongoing, in-service education concerning the reporting of suspected abuse, neglect, exploitation or death due to maltreatment of any patient. The Compliance Officer is required to report suspected abuse, neglect or exploitation of patients to the local and state agency responsible for receiving such concerns.


It is the policy of US MED® to provide communication of hazards for the protection of staff members. Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are an OSHA approved method to make readily available to employees, current information and protective measures for chemical health hazards present in the workplace.


It is the policy of US MED® to require timely documentation of any unusual, harmful, or potentially harmful occurrence involving patients, employees, visitors, or property. This will be reported on an Incident Report Form. Examples of incidents include, but are not limited to:


    • Injury or alleged injury related to a US MED® job.
    • Medication errors, drug reactions or complications.
    • Delivery problems.
    • Negative patient outcomes.
    • Employee injuries/illness or endangerment, which may be related to service delivery.
    • Accidental injuries to patients, employees, visitors or property.
    • Motor vehicle accidents involving a Company vehicle or an employee's vehicle while on Company business.
    • Employees contaminated with blood or body fluid.
    • Property damage, loss or breakage.
    • Non-compliance, refusal of treatment.
    • Equipment or medical device failure.
    • Suicide threats or attempts.
    • Death of a patient when an employee is present.
    • Adverse patient service or care outcomes