Member Advocacy

Consumer advocacy support

US MED® is here to serve you and assist you in any way we can to help you manage your health with your medication therapy. This includes product selection, including suggestions of methods to obtain drugs not available at the pharmacy where the product was ordered. We can assist you with transfers to a different facility or Pharmacy Benefit Management organization that includes how a prescription is transferred from one pharmacy service to another. We provide evidence-based health information and content for common conditions, diagnoses, and the treatment diagnostics and interventions; Any time you have a question or problem and/or suspected errors please contact us immediately and let us try to resolve this situation.

Member issues and concerns

If you have any concerns about your medications, services received, delivery or other issues, please call a member of our pharmacy team at 1-866-938-4482. We have a system available to determine when calls should be transferred to a clinician. We would be glad to assist you.