HIPAA and Records Integrity

It is the policy of US MED® to maintain files in electronic format or physical file folder for patients who receive services from the Company. This policy includes active patients who regularly receive Company services, and those who purchase services through third-party payer sources. A separate record is maintained for each patient. Records maintained are legible, clear and complete and appropriately authenticated and dated. These records, whether in electronic or paper format, are maintained in a secure manner to prohibit unauthorized access as per the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. There are a number of things we at US MED® can do to protect the privacy of our patients such as:

    • Don't discuss patient's private health information (like condition and medical products they're receiving, etc.) with callers other than the patient unless the patient grants you permission to do so. If the patient is unable  to respond, determine who the callers are. (Are they family members, friends, etc.?)
    • Never leave patients Medical Records unattended in public places, such as the front desk area.
    • Use a screen saver on your computer when not in use.
    • When discarding paper copies of patient identifiable information, ALWAYS use the locked shredder bins.
    • Never send out a fax with a patients PHI without a cover page with disclaimer on it.
    • When faxing, double check the number to ensure its going to the correct fax number.
    • Do not fax out patient's Medicare numbers.

HIPAA was created to prevent the improper use and/or dissemination of our patient's Protected Health Information and we must do all we reasonably can to protect their PHI.