Customer Eligibility

US MED® services all customers who present a valid physician's prescription order via ePrescribe, fax, telephone or in person.  Our company does not discriminate against any of our customers regarding age, race, nationality, creed, sex, sexual orientation, diagnosis/infectious disease or disability. If for any reason we cannot fulfill your physician's order, we will refer you to an appropriate company that can.


When obtaining prescription services at US MED® you may be required to sign associated intake forms presented for proof of delivery, assignment of benefits and financial liability.  You will receive the following information and documents at the time of initial services and will be asked to sign for their receipt on the Customer Services Agreement form.

    • Customer Bill of Rights and Responsibilities


    • Contact information for US MED®


    • Customer Grievance Process


    • Customer Satisfaction Survey


    • HIPAA Privacy Notice


    • Physician Orders (if special orders have been given)



US MED® will take any steps necessary to communicate with you. US MED® is able to offer information in English and may also be able to provide information in Spanish and other languages.  If you are unable to understand (or for other reasons), we will utilize other family members or health system resources to communicate with you.  The staff at US MED® will show considerate and respectful care for your cultural background and religious beliefs.  We strive to provide the best care to you and your family.


If any customer visiting our store location shows signs of distress or in need of emergency services, it is the policy of US MED® to call 911.


Although we hope that you are happy with our services, we also understand that there may be times or situations whereby you may be required to utilize a different provider for your medications.  In the case of an insurance change where we cannot service that insurance, we will transfer necessary information to your new provider to assure a smooth transition.