Cost of Medications

Cost of Drugs

We help you understand your in and out of network health-care benefits.  This includes the amount you must pay us after your insurance company covers its share.


US MED® will bill your insurance company for the cost of your medicine. But you might have to pay for some of the cost. This is called a "co-payment." You are expected to make your co-payment when you order your medicine from us, or when we refill it for you.


We will inform you exactly how much your insurance company will cover, as well as what your balance due is. Call us if you do not understand these costs. We can help you know where and how to obtain claims-related information. If you disagree with your insurance company about how much you pay, we will help you solve the problem.

Less expensive drugs

US MED® will give you a lower-cost medicine instead of a more expensive brand-name drug if your doctor says it is OK. The less-expensive drugs are called "generic." Generic drugs may be given to you when you get new prescriptions and refills. We will explain this to you in person or over the phone.